Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Islington Against Austerity Day - Building collective resistance.

On Saturday 26 May we are putting on an Islington Against Austerity Day from 1pm to 5.30 pm in Ringcross Community Hall, 60 Lough road, London, N7 8RH. Wheelchair accessible.

It is a day for everyone who lives or works in Islington to come together and discuss ways we can fight the attacks on our benefits and local services.

With practical advice, workshops, discussions, space to socialise, free literature, and refreshments we hope there will be something for everyone. 

The main aim of the day is to come together to learn about, and think up, practical ways of resisting the state-imposed increases in poverty and the increasing privatisation of public services. It will also be a chance to learn about how things such as public services and benefits are being changed, and what those changes will mean for us. 

Programme for the day 

1pm - Welcome and introduction
1.30 to 3pm - Housing workshop: Understanding the changes to housing benefit and social housing tenancies and building a practical response to them.
                      Health workshop: Privatisation of the NHS and fighting for control of our health care. 
3 - 3.30pm -  Time for refreshment and a chat
3.30 - 5pm -  Unwaged struggles workshop: Knowing the benefit system and resisting change for the worse.
                      Debt advice workshop: A practical advice session on how to tackle debt, with information on benefits, council tax, bailiffs and a local campaign against payday loan sharks. There will also be a general discussion and a chance for people to share experiences.
                      Education workshop: Discussion about academies, how they will affect our children’s education, and what we can do. There will also be information from a parent about a local campaign against forced academies, as well as a teacher's perspective.

5 - 5.30pm -  Closing session, including a chance to hear about all the local campaigns and future events. 

Drinks afterwards to relax, talk, reflect.


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  1. I hope to make it along to this event with some genuinely alternative economics suggestions that people may not have considered. I hope I'll be given a chance to speak by asking a couple of questions. The most important questions are 1. What are public services? and 2. Why do we need them?