Sunday, 28 April 2013


Protest against Poundland!

This Saturday 4th May, Radical Islington members will be picketing Poundland on Seven Sisters Road, in opposition to their use of workfare. The action is organised jointly with North London Solidarity Federation.

Come and join the fight against unpaid labour, greedy bosses and capitalist exploitation!
When: Sat 4th May, 12pm.
Where: Poundland, 39-41 Seven Sisters Road

Workfare is a government scheme in which unemployed people are bullied into working for their Jobseekers' Allowance benefits. People on the Workfare scheme are forced to stack shelves for up to 30 hours a week, working out to an hourly wage of just £1.60. 

Workfare profits the rich by providing free labour, whilst threatening the poor by taking away welfare rights if people refuse to work without a living wage. It affects all of us by reducing jobs and giving employers the green light to cut hours and reduce wages.

In response to a growing movement of opposition to the Workfare scheme, a number of companies have quit the programme, while the government has released a steady stream of untruths. So join the movement!

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